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Alfa Romeo Mito Car Wallpaper

Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA
 Alfa Romeo Mito 5
When designing the Italians were brave. The idiosyncratic rounded front with the grille pulled down low, which runs somewhere between retro sports car and a cute city car makes, certainly not the Allerwelt flavor. There are many beautiful details on the body to admire, as the coupe-like frameless windows, the hood bulge or the metal surrounds for the headlights and taillights. When Quadrifoglio Verde is among other things, yet the eponymous Cloverleaf badge behind the front wheel arches to do so. In addition, the customer has seemingly infinite customization options. Only twelve different labels for side and roof to choose from, plus numerous trim parts from different materials and the possibility of the roof to be painted in a contrasting color.

Alfa Romeo Mito QV Test Design

The interior presents itself lovingly designed. The dashboard is covered with a very respectable imitation carbon-round air jets provide the retro charm and labeled in sonorous Italian instruments there are also two small clocks for oil and water temperature. Only the cheap Kunstlederbalg acting on the steering column disturbs the harmonious impression. The space for driver and front passenger is neat, but it comes back too narrow and dark. The small triangular windows let light in and the little sloping roof creates anxiety. It can move successfully through the wide sliding front seats with relative ease. The trunk is high with 270 liters of normal small-car format, but the loading lip is impractical.
During the ride leaves the Alfa Romeo Mito the everyday practical limitations, however, quickly forgotten. 4.06 meters short of the front-wheel drive is jagged around the corner lies firmly on the road and slows to the point. The suspension is quite taut, allowing the driver to feel the asphalt condition significantly. Also fall on loud rolling noise
A Sportiness, design and a myriad of customization options, the Alfa Romeo Mito. In the particularly strong and chic top Quadrifoglio Verde version of the Italians is a serious competitor for the top dog Mini Cooper S. Those looking for an athletic and fast small car with an original design could go a long time only to the Mini dealer. But other manufacturers have followed suit with their own lifestyle models. A specially priced offerAlfa Romeo makes with the Mito. In the 125 kW/170 hp top version Quadrifoglio Verde is the three-door moves in the same league as the Mini Cooper S, but almost 3,000 € cheape
Alfa Romeo  Mito 5
 Alfa Romeo Mito 5

To the conflict between sportiness and practicality and not wanting to escalate, has given the Alfa Romeo Mito, the electronic stability program as standard DNA. By pressing a button, the driver can change the character of the engine and steering – simple but very effective. Seems the 125 kW/170 hp, 1.4-liter four-cylinder turbo with fully variable valve control in normal-mode damped a little, he takes off after flipping the switch to dynamic mode. The maximum torque increases from 230 Nm to 250 Nm, which is significantly more sensitive accelerator pedal and the steering more direct. The performance change is not significant, but the ride is noticeably sportier. We shall adopt the Mito’s sprint of 7.5 seconds rather than in the appropriate mainly for city driving standard-setting. The standard consumption of 6.0 liters for the fun you missed-Plus but loosely around a half liter. Top speed is in both cases at 219 km / h.
The features of Mito for a small car is fitted relatively rich. Standard equipment includes, inter alia, CD-radio, Electronic stability control and a start-stop system. The Quadrifoglio Verde also waiting along with others, leather steering wheel, 17-inch rims and dark headliner. 20 950 € with the little powerhouse is not a bargain in the competitive environment it is among the cheapest. An Audi A1 costs motorization comparable with at least € 24 450, the Mini Cooper S comes to € 23 650. The Citroen DS3 may cost only € 20 200, but it has only 115 kW/156 hp


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